Instagram Growth Services in 2020

Instagram is now considered a very effective and important tool used primarily for marketing and advertising purposes over the internet. This application has gained a lot both in terms of popularity and revenue ever since the boom of the e-commerce industry worldwide. Now, businesses use Instagram to promote their products and services and also use it to increase brand awareness, brand retention as well as overall brand engagement that guarantees sales in the long run, especially. On Instagram, one of the main goals for any brand is to bag as many followers as possible since organic followers guarantee sales. To increase followers, many people are now opting for the option of Instagram organic growth services since they have been come across as very effective and impactful as far as a rapid increase in followers is concerned.

Instagram Growth Services

There are many Instagram growth services available online these days. The primary purpose of these services is to ensure a steady yet rapid growth in organic followers for any Instagram account. The way these services operate may vary from one application to another. However, the main concept remains the same and that is to incorporate effective techniques that are also easy on the pocket in such a way that organic following increases. Explained in detail below are some of the more popular Instagram growth services of 2020.


Kicksta is a very popular service that has increased in terms of usage over the past couple of years. It is regarded as a very powerful and impactful Instagram growth tool. The service that is primarily being offered by the application is the increase in growth on Instagram without having to use bots or fake followers. By using Kicksta, there is a guarantee that real followers that are relevant to your niche will start following your account regularly. The basic mechanism of Kicksta is that they filter out and target accounts that offer similar or complimentary products, working under the assumption that they will also be interested in the products you offer and will ultimately follow your brand.


Ampfluence is another popular growth tool that promises to amplify the overall influence that your brand will have on Instagram. Ampfluence is a 100% human-based service that totally avoids the use of fake followers since it gives a very negative image with regards to the brand image. Some of the main features of the application include real-time organic growth, research-based online audience targeting, email support, and guaranteed increased engagement.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy has been listed as the best Instagram growth service of 2020 according to many different websites and consumer surveys. Like other services, this service too ensures a rapid increase in followers organically. The main benefit of using this service is that Social Buddy uses advanced audience filtering and targeting techniques using an AI-based system that ultimately guarantees an increase in organic following. Other than this, the service is extremely user-friendly and has great account manager support that is complementary to the entire user experience.