How to Send Mass Text Messages to Patients

If your practice needs to send a mass of texts to hundreds of patients, one of the best methods to use is automated patient appointment reminders. Imagine if a natural calamity has struck your region and you need to communicate to your patients. The holiday season could be around the corner and you need to send out greetings. In various cases, you will need the right messaging tool to connect with the thousands of patients on your portal.

To learn how you can be able to send mass text messages to patients, keep scrolling and learn more in this brief article.  

How to send mass text messages

The campaign

This is marked by the need for mass text messages. As stated earlier, everything may happen and it could be a flood or a particular event. So your texts in such cases have to be short and descriptive. Based on the messaging tool you are using, you should have several message types available to use.

Choose your message

For bulk sending, medical practices only have two options, either text or email messages. You can also choose both as your mode of communication.

Many practices might want to compose a long message for their clients. But from our experience, we recommend against it. Reports and studies have revealed that most people have a short attention span. You must leverage this when you are writing your message. Keep it short and sweet.


Once your message is ready, it is time to schedule the delivery of your mass messages. The messaging tool should prompt you to add a date and time in the calendar for future delivery.


This is an important step in the process since we know that there is no human who is perfect. Reviewing your message allows you to remove the typos in your messages and also review the date and time you have scheduled.

The Benefits of mass messaging

Mass messaging offers several benefits to medical practices and offices. For starters, mass messaging tools save time, money, and resources. If you were to use the traditional method, your practice would have to engage medical staff to call or text every single patient. Besides this cost, you have the cost to the service provider. With a messaging tool, you can free up the same medical staff to complete other tasks in the office.

The speediness of mass messaging cannot be matched. Imagine that within seconds, all the patients in your database will have received a message from your practice. For time-sensitive messages, mass messaging tools come highly recommended. Even if it is a customized message, a mass messaging service is the tool to use.

The penetration of the internet allows you to reach everyone almost at the same time. Is there any person who doesn’t have a phone in this day and age? Use this to your advantage today by choosing mass messaging services and enjoy your craft and relieved workflow.