How To Use YouTube to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Blogs are perhaps the easiest way of creating a name in the current age we live in. All it takes is for you to have the right tools in place. Once you do, wait for the magic to happen. Our bet is that you will have a smile on your face in no time. It’s clear and sound to say that a great blog cannot miss having great content. That one is for sure and will never miss being among the factors that will make your blog grow.

However, in the world we live in, you might need more to show for if you want to explode. If you are that person, then this article is for you.  We will be discussing the ways you will use YouTube to grow your blog traffic and, if interested, bring in some money in your pocket.

Involve creation of video

When it comes to growing your blog, you might think that you will need to add some more articles to add in the mix. But the answer to that is no. You don’t need more blogs. You require a way to create more engagement so that other people can know exactly what you are doing. The best way to do that is to pair your content with video. You might think that is a lot of work, but actually, it is not. All it costs is for you to know how to use some technology, and you are set to see an increase in traffic.

Pick a keyword

Here you might need to consult a keyword service or SEO expert because we want this work right? Once you have this down, then you will need to use a keyword that has very little competition or no competition at all. This means that you can either compete in the category you want to enter, or you can create a new category. This is actually a technique in marketing that works.

Optimize your video page

This is the most overlooked aspect of the steps that you are going to take. Maybe because we think that it doesn’t have a part in the click rate. We do understand that it is boring to pick up the pieces. It is more boring than putting together the video. The truth is that you can’t jump this step.

There are a number of things that you will need to do to make sure that the video page is spot-on:

– The title is less than 75 characters

– The description has a maximum of 10 hashtags and the first three are visible above the title

– The characters before more are sharp, clean, and concise

– Thumbnail is consistent with other videos

– And that you have sorted your videos into playlists and videos

Add your blog article links to the description and video page

For this step, ensure that you have placed the link before the “More” link on YouTube. Then make sure that when you log into YouTube into a different browser or device, that your link is available. This means that you will be able to confirm that it works. If you are wondering how to gain subscribers on YouTube and also increase your blog traffic, this is a guaranteed way.