Things That Are Killing Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms out there, and people make millions of posts every day, interacting with countless people daily. It is important to keep posts interesting, and according to what people want to see, or else it is likely your account will see a reduction in engagement, Instagram will rank you lower, and your content may start to get ignored.

It is critical to strive for continuous growth on your Instagram account. To achieve this, consider using help from top Instagram growth service providers, their services can ensure a steady organic growth to your account. 

It is also essential to focus on how to increase brand engagement on social media, ensuring your accounts stay relevant, and you keep posting intriguing content, what is trending and according to the industry you’re representing. This article draws attention to things that are killing your Instagram posts, and what to avoid when making new posts. 

Excessive Posts

People on social media typically have many accounts they follow and go through every day. They do not have the time and patience to spend excessive time on a single account and may start to ignore you if you post too much irrelevant content.

Try to adopt a quality over quantity approach, instead of making 10 different posts, make one that is more likely to engage your audience. 

Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the most important feature of Instagram, making people easily find and interact with accounts according to their interests.

However, they should be used correctly as using misleading hashtags may target the wrong audience to your posts, greatly reducing engagement on your account.

Be sure to research hashtags before using them, making sure they are industry-specific and demographically correct. 

Ignoring App Features

If you’re experiencing a decline in engagements on your posts, there is a chance you’re not using the full range of features available on Instagram.

1.    Stories

Stories are the most prominent feature on Instagram as they are shown on the top of the app, and are a great way of interacting with your followers effectively.

Your account may seem distant and not engaging enough for people if stories are not posted regularly.

2.    Reels

Short-form videos are gaining high popularity and are one of the most-watched and in-demand content on social media.

Ignoring Instagram Reel would mean missing out on one of the most trending features on social media.

3.    Stickers

Stickers make your stories and reels more attractive and relatable for your audience. A simple picture would mean more if a well-placed sticker is attached to it.

Not using them would make your content look boring and less eye-catching to your audience. 

Not using these features is likely to make your account feel out of date and less relevant. Instagram may lower your posts rank as fewer people are engaging with your account. 

Using paid followers

Paid followers do not always guarantee growth in engagements on your account. There is a chance that the paid followers are bots and fake accounts who never engage with your posts.

Your posts will experience a decline in engagements and would rank lower on followers’ feeds.

It is advised to use paid followers with caution and ensure in advance from the service provider that followers will not be bots, rather actual people, driven towards your posts organically. 

Make sure you are not making these mistakes and avoid them at all costs to keep your account relevant and interesting for your audience.