What is the difference between the front end and back end?

There are more than 4.13 billion users of the internet across the globe. Traces of the internet can be seen all around us. The chances are that you are reading these words on the internet right now as well. However, we seldom stop to think about the people who are behind the content we see on the internet. These people are known as web designers and web developers. Web designing has become a lucrative profession for those who are tech-savvy and creative-minded. If you are one such individual, this article is for you. As a beginner in web designing, there is much confusion you may face. One of the most common complications in this regard is the difference between the front end and back end. In this article, we will tell you how you can differentiate between the two.

What is the front end?

The front end in simple words refers to the side that is visible to the clients or the visitors. It includes all the different software, designs, and hardware. It makes for the user interface. The page on which you are reading this text right now can be classified as the front end. Programming languages like HTML and CSS are commonly used for this side. You are currently interacting directly with the front end of the site. The clients or the visitors can perform a wide variety of tasks in the front end such as entering data, pushing buttons, running programs, and other similar factors.

What is the back end?

The backend refers to the server-side. This site is the one that is not visible to the clients. Different actions like programming and updating take place here. The various databases, as well as the servers, are present on this site. Programming languages like Python and PHP are commonly used for this side. This site also caters to some of the essential elements for the site such as the security of the website, the database of the site and other similar factors. The database is one of the most important aspects of the back end. It is where all the information such as the information that the user enters is stored.


Although the explanation between both the terms is pretty simple, the line of difference between both may seem to get blurry at times. It is due to the absence of any industry standard. However, both of these terms are highly basic, and it is imperative for any web developer or web designer to know what they mean. Hence, you must know the difference between both these terms in an in-depth fashion. The use of different kinds of terminologies is prevalent in the profession of web development and design. Hence, it is crucial for you to know about these terms. It is not possible to create a dynamic website without an attractive front end and an efficient back end. Hence, it is essential for you to know about both these sides and how they operate.