How to Protect Your Business Against Counterfeit Money

Are you a business owner struggling to eliminate counterfeit money from your shop? Despite having every note or coin checked, a note can pass the cashier unless the cashier has prior training. In this article, we will highlight some measures you can take to work against counterfeit money in your store.

Among the methods you can use to easily detect counterfeit money are training your employees on the difference between real and fake money, examination of every note given to the shop by customers, and going for a machine that can detect fake money with the best currency counter reviews.

We will highlight each of the above-mentioned methods and add others to the list.

Cash texture

Money has a unique texture and with time, employees can tell the difference between real money and fake money just by the texture. People who try to reproduce their own money mainly use a different material from the original material.

This way, it is almost impossible to produce fake money with the same texture as real money.

Encourage payment directly to the cashier

Cashiers have quite a good experience when it comes to picking out fake money compared to other employees in the business. Always encourage all payments to be made directly to the cashier to avoid being conned.

Always go through every note in a bundle

Another way stores easily receive fake money is through bulky bundles. Criminals always take advantage of this and insert fake notes into a bundle of money. So, always encourage the cashier to go through every note in a bundle before placing it in the cash box or giving change.

Check for color-shifting ink

All currencies have color-shifting ink. This is one of the simplest methods to easily detect fake money. The colors either shift from green to black or from gold to green, depending on the currency. Do not be afraid to check the color shift because if a suspect notices you are checking to see if the money is legit, they are likely to run away.

Put warning posters

Most stores use a paper punch to indicate fake currencies. The fake note is punched severally and hanged at the cashier with a warning. This way, anyone using fake money will be afraid of being arrested or punished by the shop if they are detected.

Train employees how to detect fake money

Currency specialists are often hired by organizations to train employees on how to detect fake money. This strategy has saved a lot of businesses from fraudsters. It is not fair to an organization planning to make profits to keep incurring losses due to large amounts of fake money. So, arrange for training for your employees on methods of detecting fake money.

In conclusion, there are different methods of detecting fake money. When you detect fake money, ensure you destroy the note or report it to the nearest police station. This saves your business and other businesses within your area.